Recruit the best :-

Let us look at some best methods in which you can recruit the best procurement team members for your company.

  1. Need to know what you want and who all you want to do it – You need to understand about the candidate’s education skills ,Years of experience  and the skill set they possess. You can also use this method on social media sites such as LinkedIn and all other tools in recruitment.


  1. Analyse your initial search results  and try to add related information that you might have forgotten in your initial search which can include alternative spellings .


  1. You can keep on repeating and also modify and redefine your master search variables until you have built your adequate pool of targeted ,results.


You can also take recruitment out of your comfort zone like getting more out of LinkedIn ,and also applying for memberships within LinkedIn and also a candidate’s interest can be generated by keeping messages short of upto 500 characters. LinkedIn membership can also be upgraded so that the key staff members  can built their network.