Careers in Procurement

Advantages of a career in Procurement

The following are the advantages if you want to pursue a career in procurement

  1. Can make a difference – Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals make an effort to impact the world by sourcing sustainable materials to the outlawing of modern slavery.
  2. Mobility – Procurement Professionals are in much demand globally nowadays, and this gives you the opportunity to secure a job abroad or travel out to meet suppliers.
  3. Recognition – Procurement Professionals are nowadays recognised with a global certificate. So canditates with CIPS are most preferred by recruiters.
  4. In demand – Procurement as a strategic function is recognised globally and this role nowadays offers amazing job opportunities and challenges.
  5. Increase in salaries-  One of the most important roles in an company is this part where you will be well  rewarded. Both The benefits arising out of this and the salaries in this profession are extremely competitive.

Procurement is also starting to get more recognition which contributes to a company growth. Procurement can serve as  a responsible factor for optimization of costs and it delivers more tangible benefits to a business. These might include negotiation of multi million pound contracts which enables the introduction of innovation of new processes & the management of major offshoring  operations.

Despite these opportunities, People do not enter into this profession and still there is a shortage of competent people.

Procurement can also help in offering a wide variety in different projects.